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      Eureka Popcorn Hot & Spicy 80G

      Eureka Popcorn Hot & Spicy 80G

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      Brand: Eureka
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      The Eureka moment

      What’s a Eureka moment?

      Have you ever experienced an idea popping up into mind suddenly?  If you have, well, kudos to you! Unfortunately, that isn’t what we are referring to. A “Eureka Moment” to us is something even more special; it’s the moment we let our snacks do the talking – with love for our customers in mind.

      Who are we?

      We’re a bunch of popcorn lovers on a mission to spread our snack! It all started with an idea to create the best snack around, (our “Eureka moment”) and from there, we’ve redefined what it means to have a great “Snack Time.”

      Why are we here today?

      We may not know much about rocket science, how to end a war, cure diseases or even make technological advances for that matter but believe us when we say, WE KNOW POPCORN! And we’re here today to make the world a better place with the only way we know how, and that’s with EUREKA SNACKS.


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