We pair snacks with your favourite TV shows

We pair snacks with your favourite TV shows
We've undertaken all the hardwork in finding just the right food to go with your fav TV shows/movies

When we were kids, a weekend with no plans feels like torture. As adults, it's like hitting jackpot. Only, the winnings last until the weekend/ holiday season is over then it's back to reality.

Work can seem like a foreign concept especially after zoning out for 48 hours in front of the TV. No stress. An email from the boss or client quickly fixes the problem.

It's normal to forget non-essential information.

Once you get the engine going- usually around Wed or Thurs or April- it's only a matter of days until the next no-plan weekend comes around.

Which begs a very important question: How can we maximise TV time? According to an in-depth survey (we asked our colleague Jun Hao, and a random stranger on reddit), Malaysians like to snack while watching their favourite shows. Our eyes may be glued but our mouths have to keep moving.

Never forget the snacks.

Certain snacks pair better with different shows. This is a fact of life, just like Gal Gadot was born to play Wonder Woman. The right snack has to go with the right program. You can't munch on Pringles Hot Pot Mala while watching Scifi Western, for example. It's just… not done.

Luckily for you, we've undertaken the all the hard work in finding just the right food to go with your favourite TV series/ Movie genre. It took some time (and about a container-load of edible inventory) but we went all the way so you can enjoy your MCO weekends.

Our findings are published below. All snacks available on dmart.my.

Chinese Historical Dramas are best with Pringles Mala Hotpot flavour

Slashers where everybody dies - best with Baby Star Crispy Noodle Snack Hot Spicy Flavour

Musicals are best with Ovaltine Crunchy Pop

Movies with deep & profound subtexts are best with Jim Willie Chocolate & Hazelnut Breadspread

Movies that are funny one minute, serious the next are best with Delfi Choco Spread

Movies that make you feel like you can conquer the world are best with Delfi TOP chocolate

Light & Fluffy RomComs are best with Tomorion Choco Pie

Movies with actors you're crushing on are best with Tomorion Custard

Movies set in rural America are best with Merba Cookies

Anything written by Jane Austen is best with ROKA

Whatever Si Manja wants including "Baby Shark Dance" is best with Milna

Sports Programs are best with Fitbar

Dark Comedies are best with Andes Chocolate

Cartoons from your childhood are best with myEureka Popcorns

English Period Dramas are best with Walkers Shortbread

Heart-warming stories are best with Van Houten Cocoa Powder (serves as Hot Chocolate!)

Japanese shows with giant MONSTERS are best with Delfi Yuraku Black Thunder!

Movies that make you go "Hmmm" ..... are best with Hudson's

Indonesian Ghost Stories are best with Tolak Angin!

Reality shows you watching during breakfast are best with Kellogg's Corn Flakes!

When you're squinting at the credits for the name of that actor, this goes best with Yupi Gummy Pizza!

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